Americana singer/songwriter Steve Parry grew up in a small farming community in Minnesota. He has also lived in some of America’s most prominent music cities such as Seattle, Chicago and New Orleans. He brings these life experiences to the forefront in his songwriting. Much of his influences come straight out of Texas; the music of Guy Clark, Townes Van Zandt and Steve Earle all helped Steve form his storytelling approach. Steve is an all around natural performer-singer-songwriter. His songs come from all angles and always hit that emotional target. They're simple in the best sense - raw, vulnerable, exposed - and delivered in a voice that's a vintage blend of grit, feeling and technical accuracy - like a well-worn axe. His songs will leave you smelling mountain air and wanting to kick the trail dust off your boots. Steve writes, plays, and sings with an authenticity that immediately connects with the audience. His stories are both easy to relate to and poignant. As he reveals his thoughts and emotions, listeners are drawn to consider their own.